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Conversations that will change your life.
As a professional life & leadership coach, I empower highly motivated individuals to explore their potential and elevate their level of fulfillment & in their personal and professional lives. 

I believe it's possible to create a society of uncommonly brave individuals who have the courage to make choices. Choices that honor their true self, their values and their desire to create a life that is fulfilling, satisfying and energizing. 

"My experience working with Laura was positive and productive. When I considered hiring her it was due to my need to take time to reflect and create more focused goals both personally and professionally. I felt as though I’d lost any semblance of work/home balance and become overly self-critical . Laura helped me focus and reflect through her ability to listen and grab key ideas and concepts from the thoughts I was sharing with her. With her help I identified what I called the ‘Big Rocks’ in my life both at work and at home and made sure my actions aligned to my values. I was impressed with her ability to refrain from sharing opinions and telling me what to do, but instead she helped me reflect and analyze my own thoughts and actions to help me develop solutions. The end result was creating a vision for myself as a leader and having an action plan to make this vision a reality. I gladly give my highest recommendation to Laura Gleisner, I have no doubt she can help you improve both professionally and personally. 

~Chris Medenwaldt / Principal / Monroe High School

"I have been blessed to utilize Laura's coaching talents on many occasions over the past three years. She has helped me overcome professional and personal challenges when no other avenues had worked for me. Amidst Laura's myriad of strengths, lies her tremendous ability to help others find clarity on issues and uncover their own solutions with simple steps to enact change. I've made many positive and lasting changes in my career and personal life as a result of Laura's coaching. Each time I consulted with Laura, I left feeling understood, cared about and empowered."

 ~ Kristin Bott / Founder / Mindful Wellness, LLC

I would recommend Laura Gleisner Coaching + Consulting Services to all professionals interested in becoming more collaborative, reflective, efficient, and intentional. Laura's coaching style will help you solidify your thoughts while creating next steps through a process of questions and fostering conversations. As a result of these conversations, I realized my strengths and style as a leader, articulated and co-designed a clear vision for my staff, maintained a focus and determined next steps towards the realization of that vision. My students and staff had a wonderful school year thanks to Laura's coaching. 

~Dan Grady / Principal / The School District of Milton
"Laura's ability to coach in both personal and professional arenas, enables clients to move through and beyond any issue and to take the right action at the right time. Her acute listening skills, trusted explorations, and laser questioning provide the perfect blend of expertise for any individual, team, or organization. Laura is my "go to" coach because the insights gleaned from each session guide me to direct the results I desire." 

~ Kathy Larson / Lead Executive / Coaching for Infinite Results
"For over two years, Laura Gleisner was a full-time member of our professional team. Her explicit coaching style was pivotal in contributing to a high functioning team within the organization. Moreover, as the leader of this team, I was able to improve my communication strategies and team meeting functions by utilizing Laura's one-on-one coaching sessions, resulting in the sustainment of our high performing team." 

~ Heidi Thuli / Assistant Director, Wisconsin RtI Center
"With a conversation style that is both direct and supportive, the first impression that Laura makes is her professionalism and sincere desire to be of service to those she coaches."

~Sandye Brown / Master Certified Coach & Lead Executive / Wide Awake Incorporated